February 21st, 2009


nenssa Art Trade

This is my try at drawing her character Styr for a trade.

I've been addicted to colouring with my new Crayola markers lately so I went and coloured it ^^ I need to remind myself though that printers remove blue-blue...I went and re-added the blue in OC 3.03 and I also had to add more yellow-flesh-tone to it because for some reason my scanner scanned it so it looked like he was covered in bruises o_o; I also tried a more 'wter-colour' way of blending, which I fail at...the paper I was using also caused the marker to remove the outlining ink so I had to go back over with a Sharpie :( I will keep in mind though that it does that so I can try cellshading someday :O I think I've gotten better at drawing legs lately, and I really need to post the picture I drew for keledron soon D: Oh and he seemed kinda punky/emo from your reference ^^; Also sorry if this is more effort than you were thinking for a "simple art trade" ^^; I was just enjoying myself with it...

The larger size and actual colour one is behind the cut ^____^ [I just liked the colours with blue!Exclusion...];

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