February 13th, 2009

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Be My Valentine? & 2009's Valentinr

originally posted: February 03, 2009 @ 01:58am

Soooooooooo anyone want to be my Valentine this year? [secret crush (I'd be damn surprised if this was the case!), friendship(the most likely reason), pity (;___;), I don't really care the reason ^^;] I ask because while I am very, very single, I still am fond of the holiday ^^ I miss getting those little cards...I also LOVE chocolate :3 [I'd also love to do White Day some year...]

Here is my 'Valentinr':

My Valentinr - noremon
Get your own valentinr

I am also considering making a RP post on the actual day, but I don't know who I would make one as & what I would post ^^; [I play Godot, Phoneix (the cellphone/lawyer), Kio, Killua, and some crack!characters (like a tsuchinoko & The End's parrot...)]
Any ideas anyone?!

13xWTF?xIt Has Almost Been A Week...

 Yep today is Friday the 13th *oooooooooooooo/ghosty noises*...but I've had pretty snazzy luck today so whah-evah :P *does not temp fate O:*

But yeah got 2 cards [one from June & one from a little girl neighbour...] today, a bottle of nail polish & a Canucks mug :D I already have a mug just like it but now I can have one to keep & one to use ^______^ Seriously this is a awesome mug! It changes colour when you fill it with something hot-like tea...-and damn it's a Vancouver Canucks' mug XD Yeah it is black with the 'orca'-logo on it and slightly raised 'Vancouver Canucks'. When it gets got stripes appear on it along with a 'vintage'-logo and 'Vancouver Canucks' turns white ^_^ It is a awesome mug lol

So yeah I am so EXCITED to read my Valentinr in 9 hours :P [I'll have to wait 'till morning though because I'm not staying-up massively late/early again...] I have 3 :O

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Yeah I've gone almost a week without updating o_o; I haven't been doing much either...mostly sleeping and some art (which I have scanned some of and need to upload).

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