January 30th, 2009

Zinnian [bib]

Lady_Noremon on the forums :O

I haven't mentioned it before, but I am now; I am going to do 'Hourly Comic Day 2009'. I was going to do last year's but I forgot about it until about noon the day of...I do have a forum account though!

So yep! If you talk to me on February 1st kindly ask me if I have done my comic for that hour ^^ [I'm almost sure I will forget...]

I need to remember to buy a little notebook at the V&S tomorrow, because I completely forgot to the other day...if I forget though atleast I have lots of room in my smaller sketchbook :P [which I need to either scan stuff from or take pictures from of the newest stuff I've drawn someday soon...] I ALSO NEED TO HOOK-UP MY SCANNER AGAIN D: