January 27th, 2009


Gallery Fake & Bartender

I downloaded the first episode of "Bartender' because the name seemed interesting. Well I'm only seen 3 episodes of it and already I love it! Each episode is basically one story. It's about people that have problems and they find this hidden bar called Eden Hall and the young bartender instead of just giving them booze and forgetting about them tries to help them. Often it's by making a cocktail that has a flavour to it that makes the person remember good times or that makes them happy and they can then confront their problems.

Because it reminded me of "Gallery Fake" I decided to see if any more episodes of than had been released/subbed. Two years ago I had watched the first 5 episodes of it but the group that was doing it dropped it. Then just before I left for AB a very small group took it on and I managed to see another episode. I completely forgot about checking for more when I got out West. When I saw "Bartender" I really had to see if there was anymore. Well the group has gotten up to #21 and that was released in November. But their site was down when I tried going to it so I'm afraid that they might not sub anymore. Apparently most people don't like it because of all the technical art terms and all the history about artists and such. Also because it doesn't really have a continuing plot, each episode is it's own compact story. These are both reasons why I loooove it O: I also love the characters; 'specially Sara. She is just so optimistic and silly (dispite her tragic past which you can see when she gets so upset when people fight/there is violence). Fujita reminds me of a character from a old movie. He is like a anti-hero (film noir style). He does good things but he uses dark methods (like the black market and theft) to do so. Also it is sometimes just for his own gain.

"Gallery Fake", "Bartender", and "REC" all remind me of the types of movies I love. Like "Roman Holiday", "Arsenic & Old Lace", "The Bells of Saint Mary's", etc. I really doubt that they will get licensed because there doesn't seem to be a high demand for shows like that.


Yes on to the episodes of "Gallery Fake" I've seen in the past 3 days.

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