January 11th, 2009


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Soooo tired but I forgot it was Saturday today and a Vancouver Canucks game is on. It is tied right now at 2-2 with 4 seconds left in 2nd. I think it is awesome they have Sundin now :-) They are also sadly down to 5th in standings for Western Conference...I hope Luongo recovers sooon :-(
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Go Die In A Fire Shades!xMoviexI Think He Should Have Been Aligned To Guthix

Matt & I did "Shades of Mort'ton" tonight :O I used to think it was a quest that higher-leveled players did. Still when 20-30 Lore Shades are chasing after you and attacking it is pretty hard to escape [I ran into a house and shut the door so I could finish making the Serums].

I will defiantly be going back as I want to get a better hang of it.

I also finally finished "Nature Spirit". I was all "rawr" because I found it so weird that he wanted to build a temple to Nature when he supported Saradomin...he reminded me more of a Druid. I'll just pretend that it is a altar to Guthix XD


Now I'm off to go watch "Wall-E" [which would be something I'd want to tell Trev, but I haven't hear from him in over a month...and I haven't gotten to talk to Armie much either...], and eat popcorn. I am achey though and fear I may be getting sick ;__; *flail* [oh and btw Al is wiiiiiiiin!~]


Knee x-rays tomorrow D:


Didn't get to go so I slept in after being woken-up by 2 phone calls...