December 27th, 2008

female Protagonist

4 puzzles in, and already I heart him.

Luuuuuuke :D He is just so bright-eyed and awesome! Also Professor Layton is very awesome~

I am stuck with the Digital Digits puzzle D,: I figured-out 33 times there are 3 or more of the same # on the clock at the same time, so that would be 66 in a day? Because 01:00-09:00 is 9 times, 01:11-05:55 is 5 times, 10:00&10:11 is 2 times, 11:01-11-51 is 6 times, 11:10&(excluding 11:11 because it is counted prior)11:12-11:19 is 9 times, and 12:11&12:22 is 2 times--so 9+5+2+6+9+2=33 & 33x2=66 times in a day. But that apparently is incorrect >_<* *flail* I guess I will have to use a walkthrough :,-( My brain hurts!