December 14th, 2008


"♫we know the game, and we're going to play it♪"


I first must talk about "Yakitate!! Japan" :O

Basically this anime is full of crack, well the last few episodes I saw really crossed a line I never have with my Crack. Pot. Specifically a pot doughnut was made that caused time travel...yes read that sentence again.


Collapse )


I have almost got my shopping done 100% :D I just need to find something for the animals, & 2 people :( I don't know what to buy and don't want to seem cheap by only buying $5 giftcards and a ornament...

I did a lot of wrapping Friday night O: So I just need to find some boxes and ship what needs shipping! I apologize to my away-peeps ahead of time if it doesn't arrive by Christmas ^^;


I'm going to go visit Matt [Matthew Doucett, the only Matt I know now] Tuesday! :D Going to play some DMC4, MGS4 demo, and Twin Snakes~!♥ All on a new 40inch HD television :D  *weeeee~*


Now I'm going to either make some peanut butter balls or have a bath~