December 2nd, 2008

female Protagonist

Minn-MinnxHairxCB Level

Minnow is very healthy. Got 3 needles, her check-up, and a rabies tag/certificate. She also is on eardrops for 5 days. She weighs 11lb/5.72kg, and has very bright eyes and coat. She needs to be defleaed again, and have her teeth cleaned sometime. June & I had to get her off the pet-food shelves in the office >.>; Minnow is currently very dozy and smells bad, but is asleep on my chest. It cost me $111.32 :,( I hope the wank is happy I spent so much on her! Im laying-down due to my low!things -_-~

I dyed my hair today. It kinda went more pink than red, and didnt tint my roots. I used that 3washes stuff, because I like being blond atm.

I am now Combat lvl 59 on P2P! Im training Prayer atm in Port Phastmas. Giddy over more exp with Sacred Clay items soon!