November 29th, 2008


Shopping D:

I am done about 90% of my shopping for Christmas. I am having a hard time though finding one last thing for a friend ;_; I may have to make something, but I fear it may look 'tacky' if I do. I just can't find anything that suits me for something that they would like. *flail*

I bought all my stocking stuffers so no worries there!


I got asked at 11:45pm last night to work at the door of a craft show. They gave me $5 short of what we agreed on last night T_T* I worked 9 hours making change and taking the entrance fees & draw tickets, on 3 hours of sleep and 3 cups of coffee & 1/2 a sandwich and I didn't even get paid right. I did buy a bottle of blueberry&red current jam though ^^; so atleast I can bury my angry in deep red perserve :( [still money is money, but I am still tired from it]


I'm no longer cranky about it, but I did need to vent. ^^; I am currently somewhat-sick though now D: *baaaargh*