November 17th, 2008

female Protagonist

Full Sacred Clay [well I don't have the weapon yet, but I have the Morphic Tool :P]

And I am also wearing a Void Knight seal, because it is snazzy :P [I had this since yesterday afternoon, and the tool from Friday]

I really love the tool, and I am glad I had it when I went on that Fishing marathon last night! I gained like 80k of experience so I could reach level 60-- -____- Sooooooooooo tedious! Atleast I don't have to fish again(for awhile) unless I want lobbys or someone wants to do Fishing Trawler with me (I have lots of paste in my bank btw~*hint hint*)!

I am now churning lots of butter so I can make some onion & mushroom potatoes :D [hoping to do some Questing and Wildy Agility]~

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