November 9th, 2008

female Protagonist

And The Shaglehod Survived Again!

I slept in today. I was then asked to do a errand for June. I went on ebuddy and messaged Sensei to let him know I would be a little late for Clan Wars. Well I finished and turned on my computer to be greeted with the following;


Collapse )I thought it was no big deal and restarted. I got the "Windows did not start properly" black screen and so I selected start with the most recent settings that worked.

I got "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" again. I got it over and over, I tried starting in Safe Mode, and nothing worked. I figured I would have to reinstal Windows again.

I REALLY do not want to do that, eventhough I reguarly back-up my music & such. I was scared of losing my Skype & Gizmo conversation logs. Especially my Gizmo ones, because of all the Conversations with Armadei.

Well I Googled that error on my cell-phone and; OH MY THANK-YOU TECH-RECIPES**!!!!!!!

Collapse )

It took like 2 hours for CHKDSK to complete, but it found and repaired a error and Windows started up just fine :D


Apparently my Internet/Wireless Adaptor was no longer able to be found. So I turned my comp off, opened-up the side and took out my adaptor. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, turned power off, and put the adaptor back.

It still could not find it.

So I tried several times and apparently The adaptor wasn't snapping-in very well. I FINALLY got it in and the light wasn't coming on.

Finally I have it working and my connection is Very Good :D

I'm really sad I missed Clan Wars though ;_;