November 7th, 2008


"♪and you can rock-and-roll with Geodude♫"

So yes, I ripped one of my old Pokémon soundtracks tonight. I'm sorry if the track names show-up in Spanish, but Window Media Player seems bent that I have the Spanish version for some reason -_-; [I did change/rewrite the ID3 Tags when I converted to .MP3, but I decided I was too lazy to change the filenames after all that typing...]


Damn I used to listen to this all the time, and had it copied to cassette-tape to use in my ye old Walkman (and also put it on high-speed to hear it like it was sung by The Chipmunks...) :O

"♫and this time don't screw it up♪"

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Phoneix Wright

I am seriously unable to sleep due to cracking-up D:

Well I was in the middle of trying to make a entry for justiceforsome/getting caught-up at justiceforsome, when I see a ADVERTISMENT for cpslk_drssngrm. After pressure from yet another Edgeworth, I decided to try it out...

Oh my fuck the crack!

I also need to catch-up at tastydelicious >.> *flails*


ghostmia from JFS is there too :D *lots of hearts*~ I wonder if anyone else from JFS will join/is there? :D