November 6th, 2008


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Well tried D20 again tonight, Trevor came-up with a campain called "When Worlds Collide". I kinda winged a character but I don't have my sheet made-up because I think I was forgotten about. We were talking over Skype and it's like the conversation just dropped. I heard them talking and such and did try asking some questions so I don't know what happened. I really do need help with creating it though...I'll have to see how this pans-out, but I am sadly reminded of my first time playing D&D...I have no idea.

Anyway the character I came-up with is named Eleanos Araran; which I just jumbled together by word-sounds. It sounds very light and glowy to me so that is what I think I'll use. He is a Smart Hero, Adventurer, and a Evolved. I'm kinda thinking of him as being kinda petite with bright green eyes and short light-brown hair.

This is the tiny thing I typed-up and didn't send because I didn't know if anyone was around or not;

"Decided to travel for research, got in a vehicle accident and after a head injury forgot his past, Believes himself to be Pure [do to the nature/location of the accident] and has taken up temporary residence in a more well-to-do export settlement. He is currently helping decipher writings from the old days, but would rather go out and find information first-hand.

Has a slight problem of either not talking or rambling and jumping from topic to topic. Somewhat eccentric. Very attentive and clever. Does not know of his telekinetic abilities at this time."

I don't really know what I'm doing and will REALLY need lots of help learning to play D20 again; 'specially with the character creation/sheet.

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