November 1st, 2008


Christmas List 2008

So I keep being asked what I would like to get for Christmas, so I am making my list rather early >.> [once again this includes things that really are too much] Posting it here because I know some people who read this place want to know for some reason.

Items that I would like to recieve, but in no way expect at all, in no peticular order:

book game

a hand blender,
"Howls Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones,
"Guide to The Camerilla",
the Toreador V:tM novel,
a new/better camera [one that records video, audio, takes a SD card, and have optical&digital zoom],
RuneScape membership,
"Professor Layton and The Mysterious Village",
"Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories",
a Raiden poster or action figure,
a mesh office chair with arms,
a passport,
a N64 GameShark,
a N64 expansion pack,
"Starfox Assault",

Gümbacher supplies [watercolours mostly],
a new sketchbook [Bienfang],
some Pentel ink pens,
XL Carfax Abbey t-shirt 

This may be edited and/or changed in the future**.

If you want any cards from me, just e-mail me your mailing address [ladynoremon at gmail dot com]!~

If you want to send me anything, my mailing address is:

Sarah Dumphy
P.O. Box 221
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
B0S 1C0

I'm also trying to do a semi RuneScape swap with my close RuneScape friends. I want pieces of Guthix rune armour [excluding the skirt] and pieces of Guthix robes. I will be willing to collect items of equal value to exchange [I only have 33QP atm] ^^;

**original is located there.


So yep, just got through the Cobble Kingdom temple :3 I LOVED THE STONE!ROBOT FIGHT! I also have my favorite Zelda weapon now, the hammer :D *twack*

So yep, I'm guessing I need to return to The Temple of The Ocean King, because I saw little hammer-things the last time I was there...ALSO--Why was Aquarine in a sand temple? Like shouldn't I have seen some Zoras instead of a Egyptian place? I want me some Zoras to go with the Gorons...

I also only need the wheels to complete the Iron-ship-set, which makes me happy because I really like it's look...I want the Bell/Elegant set too...



I wish they would have Subrosians in another game too...I miss Rosa...SERIOUSLY THEY COULD MAKE A WHOLE DARK!MINE LEVEL THING! D: Though I did like the Anouki(sp?) and the "Hey, you guy!"-ness :P