October 26th, 2008



The Canucks won 6-3 over the Oilers tonight.

I forgot to post it as I was playing PH...which I had to use a wallthough for tonight. I havent used a walkthough with a Zelda game since OoA D: I tend to be stuborn with using them 1st time playing through anyway. I am using one with DMC though, as I want to catch all the Secret Missions! So yeah used a walkthrough on the puzzle with the closing the DS to transfer the symbol to the seachart. HOW THE HELL IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO THINK OF THAT? Like I realized the map was upside-down, but how was I to get that I needed to shut my DS?! I almost got it by accident though, as I tend to close my DS instead of shutting it off while on a binge. So yes, back to that door.

Im going to guess that Clefa is related to the sun crest in some way...or is like a Spirit herself...because it happened with Nayru, Tetra, Midna, ect. No one is who they/you think it seems D: I wish I were that cool too...I want to be a Sheikah ;_;