October 25th, 2008

Killua -flail-


The power just went out :O and my LEDs stayed on for a moment after! So yes, now I go bed...
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And this is why Link = Garrett :P

Yep been playing Phantom Hourglass like whoa the past 2 days. I wanted to record a scene from T&T and my batteries were dead so I popped-in PH instead.

I'm actually done Isle of Gust, and am headed back to the Ocean King temple.

D: FISHING IS SOOOO HARD! It took me a shit-load of effort to catch this Rusty Swordfish! I was like pulling and going into danger a shit laod of times! I took it to that Wayward guy and got this fancy prowl(sp?) though~ Now I'm hunting this legendary fish. I think I saw it on my map, but I finally got close to it after chasing it acrossed the map, and it disappeared -____-;

Those bouncing stone things give me such joy! :3 *BOINNG! BOINNG!* I wish they had The Eye of Truth on them though...They looking kinda like Wario instead O:

Now  I'm off to watch hockey :D


I forgot about WHALE ISLAND :D It's a uncharted whale-shaped island :3