October 19th, 2008

Kio -abandon-


Probably going to be off LJ for awhile (several days). I really haven't felt up to much. I will hopefully get to posting the screenshots I have left, and will reply to comments I get, and I will definatly be reading my Friend's Page. I am debating if I can still RP too, as with this fever I'm not happy with any of it.

So yeah if I'm not talkitive on AIM or MSN, think nothing of it either. I still welcome txts though :P

I might possibly get to my costume though it looks unlikely, as I have been sleeping 'till atleast 3pm the past few days -___-;

So I am settling into my comfy bed and watching some Torchwood [eventhough I'm not enjoying it too well], and a nice mug of tea ^_^
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