October 17th, 2008

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Urban Dictionary meme from gargantsurprise

Search the answers on urbandictionary.com, use the first definition that comes up.

1.) Your name:
2.) Your age:
3.) One of your friends:
4.) What should you be doing?
5.) Your favourite colour:
6.) Your birthplace:
7.) Last person you talked to:
8.) Last thing you had to drink:
9.) Your nickname:


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"mirror breaks, I'm shaking awake"x"I see a crystal, a kaleidoscope"x"I tried to tell you, how far it's been"

Those are all Carfax Abbey lyrics btw, from "In Stitches", "It Screams Disease", & "Right As Reign"...

So, so, I had das stiches out today. Well part of the stiches were under the dut when it healed, so besides from it being a big scar, it's goign to be a oddly raised scar. And I got poked with the scissors when they were being cut, and so I also have a tiny knick in it too. Well I'm happy to be able to get my hands wet, and be able to bend my knuckle, but I'm bummed about the infection and the scar. So that is how it is, but I am well and my finger is still functioning so I am fine.


Yes; I am sick. I'm finally admiting that to myself, after avoiding the possiblity all week. So I've kinda been chilling and watching shows all evening. I have a fever and I'm achey and tonight my head feels all stuffy. I know it will be getting worst once my flu shot kicks-in, so I'm hoping to have a weekend of rest. I atleast can finally start working on my Halloween costume, and now that I can control the dexterity of my left index finger, I can finally finish my half-done over-due thank-you cards. I waited for fancy new colours, then I had company, and then I couldn't bend my finger well and now I finally can HOPEFULLY have those out by Monday.  I hope to get my skirt & top dyed tomorrow if I feel alright too.


The Master is a crazyass, and if he wasn't so malevolent, I'd fangirl over him. Really though, I like flaily & eccentric, but not violent and vicious.

Oh, Oh!

I’m happy drinking my own internal milk.”_____Chantho


And you compared me to her, Sensei, you wank!