October 14th, 2008

Kio -ponder-

Art Deco?

"! People are like coffee; the darker it is, the stronger it becomes. The hardest part is the bitterness. The question is; are you a man that can stomach a bitter brew? *points* You don't look like one to me!"**



So Yeah I'm Cross-Examining Armstrong. I'm glad the partitions are finally coming into play, because I noticed them when I first went to Trés Bien...I AM STILL upset that the list of blackmail amounts didn't get brought-up in Stolen Turnabout ;___; I WANTED TO PUSH ATMEY FURTHER!

So yes, and that chick was not a ghost afterall. Though I am now calling her "Giovanni-Girl", since she be Italian and named 'Viola Cadaverinni'...She is just a creppy girl who likes to burn things...

**something I typed for RP >.>