October 12th, 2008



3-2 Calgury Flames atm ;_; [I'm listening, but not really watching, I'm playing PW:T&T >.> I AM A TERRIBLE HOCKEY FAN D:]

Oh! I'm finding these kinda funny, and I kinda want to make it into a LJ meme...


4-3 Calgury now ^_^ [come-on Canucks!]




Pavol Demitra~ 5-to-4 Vancouver Canucks in Over Time :D *does a little hoppy thing*

Also, I need to find-out more on how Luongo got a penalty for "unsportsman-like conduct" O_o;
Kio -ponder-

Role Play

Well I started RPing somewhat again. Not too sure I do the character well, but it's practice :P

I might as well come clean;

*clears throat*

My RP journals are; narukami_tenshi , piece_from_dark , chupa_chup_man , eleganszi , and cup_number_17 [I'm debating making a Crack!Lestat one...]

And I rarely use any of them [actually I doubt my ability so much]. The one that has gotten the most use has been chupa_chup_man...I really should try joining some other communities, but I am so AMATURISH I am afraid to. Maybe I should ask gargantsurprise  to show me the ropes (since I won't hear from  unite /</span>item apparently)? :P