October 7th, 2008


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Just got back from outpatients.

I decided I wanted to roast some sweet potatoes today, and thus began cutting them in half. I got enough to cover the pan done, and had one left so I started to chop it when the knife slipped and cut into my knuckle. It started pouring out blood so I ran it under cold water and sat and applied pressure to it. Well after 15-20mins of waiting for it to stop bleeding, I called my mom and she drove me to outpatients.

Well after almost 4 hours waiting, I finally got seen and now have stitches in my hand.

So I got into a knife fight with a sweet potato and lost D:

[I get a tetanus shot tomorrow (mine may-or-may-not ne expired, and the record seems to be missing) & the stitches get taken out on October 17th ;___;]
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