September 15th, 2008


Doctor Who takes a emotional toll on me ;___;

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! *flails*

I only have "Doomday" left to watch from the 2nd season of "Doctor Who", and I DO NOT KNOW HOOOOOW THEY CAN CONCLUDE THIS IN ONE EPISODE!!!!!

I have to wait atleast a week to start watching the 3rd season, unless I can find some on YouTube D,: *cries*

If this doesn't conclude this arc/plot/thing that they've started, I'm going to go batshit until I get the 3rd season -__-; SOOOO STRESSSFUL!!!!


I didn't know "The Bride" came next D: I thought that was a special. I've seen that before. I guess they did wrap it up and it made me cry yet again.