September 7th, 2008



175 tickets till level 52 Agility!~ I cant wait :3 My goal is level 60 by Halloween. See? I can do it if I put in a few days of Brimhaven. I usually will go to there and stay for a few logins anyway. Now that mixed__up has shown me the bank near-by [I was always scared to enter the volcano dungeon] I can easily get food & gp without leaving the island~

I may go back on this; but I hope to have 99 Agility by next Christmas. You guys had better atleast still have your accounts by then!

Void Knight equipment (thus needs 42 Mage, 42 Range, & 625 good Pest Control games), 99 Agility, full Guthix Rune, 70 Combat, 40 Prayer (going to kill some baby dragons, so cb & pray should go up) and 99 Cooking are my VERY long-term goals ^^;
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