September 2nd, 2008

Lady Nor RS


Im addicted to Pest Control again. I am glad that there are sheilds on the portals now! When I played before it was 1 boat & the games were over too fast. So now I can enjoy myself. I get to work in the name of Guthix, train combat, get gp, get points for rewards, have variety with monsters, train crafting, all without the risk of dying :P I need to cut somemore logs though. Doing it ahead of time saves so much time! I hate when the team doesnt look after the Void Knight T_T* I tried to defend her by myself once, but it didnt work long. Im more the attack/lure Pests away from gates, then run to repair the gates player. I repair the barricades too, if there is no damage to the gates, since the destuctive Pests will attack them instead. PEOPLE KEEP THE GATES CLOSED D:< Pests wont get though much if you close them behind you and keep them repaired! I think I may raise Ranged & Mage, so I can wear the Void Robes :3 I think they look cool >.>

Im kinda overwhelmed with all the changes,updates,&things I can do...