August 30th, 2008

Lestat is HOT!

Lestat is a Mary-Sue...

Lestat de Lioncourt from the "Vampire Chronicles" scored <b>144</b> on The Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test. [though I did count "Do you find your character attractive enough to date him/her?" because Rice did base him off her husband when she created Lestat]

alchemy_hisoka , are you as surprised as me that it wasn't higher? Though maybe I was too lenient?

Please take the test for Armand babes XD


Zinnian scored 28 >.> [probably would have been lower if I didn't include things like "Does your character have telepathic and/or telekinetic (Force-like) abilities in a world where this is unusual?", when thinking that most people in WOD don't have Auspex, etc.]
Lady Nor RS

Random [mini]Party, and all are Invited :P [RuneScape]

Randomly decided to do this;

Lady's Random "Let's Eat Cake" Mini-Party
Monday, September 1st (Labour Day)


Time Zone:

5 PM Atlantic
4 PM Eastern
3 PM Central
2 PM Mountain
1 PM Pacific
10 AM Hawaii
5 AM Japan
Barbarian Village's bar
Just a mini-get-together, where I shall bring some cakes (mostly chocolate), and we can just chill. May be followed by a mini-game of Castle Wars or something :3 Bring whatever you wish, and brewed items are very welcome :3 PICTURES WILL BE TAKEN!!!!!
Really just a spur-of-the-moment idea...Let's say it is because I now have Internet? [I'm choosing Barb' Villa', as I have several fond memories from there (Clan parties & such from years ago...).] Also it has beer XD

*flees* [I hope my time conversions are correct...]