August 24th, 2008

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Good-Bye BeijingxMedal CountxCANADA~

For these Olympics, I tried not to dwell with politics and such. I simply enjoyed the Spirit of the games. I never agreed with a boycot, as all those atheletes & their families had so much invested. Not just money-though a lot gets spent in sponsering, training, & facilities-, but emotionally. Unless the atheletes themselves choose not to go, then I will cheer them throughout. Sure I am not happy with some of the crap of that went-on, but it has already been done and I cant do anything personally. Ceremonies were beautiful though! Mascots were well designed~

18 medals total for my country!~ Gold: 3, Silver: 9, Bronze: 6 [which when I scibbled-down, wrote in idea why...], considering Canada had no medals for the 1st week ^^;

I wish I had the money, and was still in good contact with Trevor, so I could go to Vancouver in 2010, but I doubt I will be able to. I would like to see lacross, men's hockey(for if Luongo plays), luge, or snowboarding. I shall watch on CBC though!~ Go Canada!♥~



Not COMPLETE yet, but it should be in 3-4 business days [excluding tomorrow]. I just installed my wireless adapter! Aliant is coming-in, around Thursday or Friday~ Fuck, yes, Internet on my lovely Shaglehod sooooon!
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*mauls CBC*

CBC IS GOING TO START AIRING "DOCTOR WHO" AGAIN! I have missed most of the last 2 seasons because they havent been shown on regular CBC/the CBC we get. They showed some of 2006's really early in the morning on Saturdays, but it was mostly over by the time I found that out...SO, Friday, September 19th I can watch again! I will have to try and get caught-up since Ive seen 1episode from last season & the Children in Need special. "wibbly wobbly, timey whimey" :3
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