August 22nd, 2008

Lestat is HOT!


I think I have a new erotica love...sorry "The Vampire Armand"...I spent $1 on this piece of wonderful snickerable literature; "The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning. The title is what caught me, as I am a big "Highlander" fan. "When time has no boundaries, the seduction never ends..."! I promptly paid right-then-and-there. I figured it would be a rip-off/fanfic of Duncan, but he is the only immortal so far. He is also possed by 13 spirits of evil druids. "Dageus MacKeltar is a man with a good conscience--and thirteen bad ones.". The only way that he seems to fight the darkness is with sex... "Day by day he continued to change...felt colder, less connected, less fettered by human emotion. More detached god, less man. Except when he tooped--och, then he was alive. Then he felt. ... Making love to a woman staved off the darkness, replentished his essential humanity."[page 12]. The last 'romance novel' I bought was a gem-"Masquerade"-but I want to keep reading this :-D
Kio -think-


May I have your address again? I cant find the paper I had it on, and the entry is deleted ^^; I want to add it to my book...
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In March I wrote a cheque for $15 out to Matthew James Sprague. I put it in a prepaid envelope, and with my best penmanship, adressed it. I debated sending it to him for his Birthday. I didnt. I brought it home & stuck it in a drawer. This evening I burned it. I watched it burn until it was just a lump of poofy ashes.

That part of my life is gone. I dont know if it all was just a lie or not, but it feels like it was for nothing. Ive gotten better with the pain, but it still hurts sometimes. I cant stop myself from thinking about him or Trevor though. But Im doing a lot better.

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