August 20th, 2008

Bad Wolf

Computer update:

I INSTALLED A DVD/MULTIDRIVE ON MY OWN! And changed my old CD drive to secondary & changed it to Slave [yes my Shaglehod is not only female & Latino, it now is into S&M >.>]. This is something I would have had Matt do in the past as I fail at computer-work-stuff...Im really proud of myself. Is it normal to be loud though? Compared to my other drive it is...

I bought a wireless-adapter, and will (hopefully) have Internet by the 31st--depending-on when Aliant comes!

Im ordering a new external-harddrive probably this weekend. I want one I can put everything on and thus wont need to divide my files on 2 & my computer. Then I can have more games installed and back-up jazz!

I called Logitech & they are sending me a replacement headset! Brand-new & free :D *dances* I miss my awesome headset!

I called Kingston about my SD-card of fail. They are going to replace it & try to recover my data for me. I hope I can figure-out how to mail & such with FedEX though! Our couriers are Purolator & CanPar.


Meme from gargantsurprise

Typing with thumbs sucks but I want to try!

Anonymously reply with:

1. One secret.

2. One compliment.

3. One non-compliment.

4. One love note, but it does not have to be to me.

5. Lyrics to a song.

6. How old you are.

7. How long we have been friends.

8. And a hint to who you are.

9. Post this to your journal too?

Ive been writing stuff/replies down before typing with thumbs lately :-0

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