August 16th, 2008



Carol Huynh just gurranteed our first medal win at the 2008 Summer Olympics!!!~ I wish I could stay-up till 5:30am to see the gold medal final match for women's 48kg wrestling...

New Compy Stuff~

I bought a DVD/CD drive reader/writer & a wireless adapter for the Shaglehod. So when I get back I shall be installing both :3 Staples didnt have a all-in-one reader/USB hub, so no luck there, but 2/4 is pretty good for $106CAD

In crap development; my uncle Eddie had a heart attack, and is in Halifax at the hospital so we are going to visit.


More on my uncle

I got a call from my mother last night. One of my favourite uncles had a heart attack at work. He was rushed to the QEII in Halifax. He is being moved to Kentville in a week after more tests. He was in good spirits when I saw him today though. I will have him in my thoughts.
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