July 17th, 2008

Lady Nor RS

RuneScape wit' me?

Im going to go to the library tomorrow and I plan to play some RuuuneScapppe! New beta graphics here I come~ Anyone on Members want to join me for some Brimhaven Agility or some fishing/cooking in Catherby? I still want that Skillcape(30-some more levels ;_;), but that is a long-way-off...I need gp too so hence lobster-fishing instead of making pies or curry...I dont want to waste tunas right now...Maybe I should practice Thieving instead? OR finish my current Clue Scroll?! I miss RS & clan_p_n_w events D,: ['specially Clan Wars with that wonderful Potatoes and Waffles clan of love & win with sugar on top and some pecans...but not chess-playing!tuna!~...or those exclusive rainbow sparkles T_T* batshit!piranhas :-P (Sarah is rambling again...)]

I will probably be online around 7PMGMT-7 until I get kicked-off or 8:30-ishPM for those who dont know [ =O ], my RSN is Lady_Noremon ^^; *flails*


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sam_the_pichu (need to ask if he has a new LJ account...) is win :-P I missed chatting on MSN with him :3 [and I bought him a mouse bank] His old Yahoo! Community(was that what they were called?) was the main reason I started drawing "anime-style" again in middle school :3 (I still have a semi-crush on his "Chen & Chip" character Ba)~ He also drew me my first ever Zinnian fanart![which I dont get enough of :-(]
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