July 12th, 2008

female Protagonist

Bus Reminder

If I took the 2pm transit from Bridgetown[Dev' Center] on the 22, I would arrive in Weymouth at 3:50pm at the Foodland. Need to call Lin[occasionally I refer to her as 'Lyndis'(like the Fire Emblem character), when she calls me 'Lady Sarah'] today to let her know and to arrange transport for the next day to the ferry terminal.
female Protagonist

WigxAppointmentsxYard Saleing(sailing :-P)

I washed my Kio wig last night while watching "Batman:Mr.Freeze Subzero". It went very well, though now I definatly need to redye it. If I ever cosplay Raiden, I think I would order another wig of this style from Perihair(I need to order a wig for Leorio today or ASAP because of going to Kun's now). I will dye my Kio wig most likely tonight after I get back from minding the yard sale at Mary's.

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday for a overdue cleaning! I have a Dr.Sloma appointment Friday. I am down to ever 10 days-or-so now instead of Weekly. I need to findout when my Dr.Yafai appointment is about my stomach, and change it if it is on Thursday.

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