July 11th, 2008

Kio -grr-

You ass D:

I am sick of being single. I am damn well sick of it. I am roaring & flailing becaure of it. What can I do about it though? I live in a small town in a rural area;with no place to go looking. I also prefer to have common interest and I like "geekier"!types. So along with that I-believe it or not-am rather shy around people. Im not that confident--though when we know each other, I am rather not shy. I want to kiss & cuddle with someone. I am not even sure if I could do something with more staying-power, I just want to show myself I am not crap all-together. Im showing somewhat bitternes at times...Im a romance wank it seems D: [it will settle hn tge morning]
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Booking/Reservation Numbers

The Cat: 836035 [July 23rd, 3pm Yarmouth NS to Portland ME & August 7th, 7am Portland ME to Yarmouth NS]

Amtrak: 05B424 [July 24th, 8am from Portland ME to Haverhill MA]

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Shink love :D


Sarah On A Pony!

I just got back in from horseback-riding~ I havent been for years...I have also noticed that I am not that confident with my body since Ive lost weight. I am not used to that I am missing a bit of my ass & I had more trouble balancing myself. Smokey is better to ride than Champ for me. I will have to do it more often. I rode a pony :3 [pictures will be posted!] Now I have to deal with my hay allergy -_-

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