July 7th, 2008

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Well due to not feeling too well I mostly stayed in my room today.I didnt get much done--like sorting my clothes upstairs.I did though work-out a lot on my Ventrue character.You may remember awhile ago while irritated I created Madison Delasky.On every occasion I have descibed her as "a very nasty woman".I worked more on 'fleshing' the character as I am now more confident in my ability to portray her--though I think Toreador are where my demeanor is most consistant.Excuse spelling as I am rather dozy.Madison[prefered as a first-name basis is good for a cover of familiarity&trust]suprised me.She detered from my original concept and somehow turned-out to be a Elder o_O; I had a different back-story too but she trounced that too--but she did show mercy by allowing me to still use part of it.She is 8th Generation(though I suspect she may have originally been 9th...),has high Status & could scare the leaves off a plant.She is the type that makes you distressed with a sneer,but terrified with smirk.Very odd of me..
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I am dreading 4:00pm as that is when my appointment for Patches is at Dr.Susan Hall's. June is getting a can of tuna for her. I need to show Charles where to dig a hole when he gets home for lunch. I need to also find a blanket or towel for her. Patches is 17, and was the runt. June got her from a man when the mother died after choking on a mouse head. I dont think she was completely weened, but couldnt keep milk or cat-formula down. June took her to Riverside Animal Hospital and was told Patches might live to be 2 or 3. She has always had stomach problems. She has been going-down-hill for awhile and I just dont want her to suffer.

*bah, bah, bahg*

As per my Birth Certificate request: "As there are differences between the information contained in this request and the actual birth registration on file, we request the current mailing address and telephone number of your mother so that she can be contacted in this regard."___Deputy Registrar General for application File No. 1-208497

I called with the requested information and they will be trying to get the correct information for her ASAP then they will process the rest of my request and I should recieve my new birth certificate within 3-5 business days. I am rather very 'irritated' at my mother for being untruthful to me yet again.

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Birth Certificate all worked-out now. My mother never told Service Nova Scotia or anyone I had "moved-out" [really kicked-out because of her boyfriend] and they had my address as different from her's on all my recent information, but she has continued to list me as having the same address as her and me living with her...6 years after I left...The other reason Service NS needed her was their fault. They thought the "m" in "Dumphy" was a misstype and and were looking for "Dunphy" in the records...
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