July 5th, 2008

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GacktoxDesoddingxGovernment Sales Tax~

Since it is Gackt's birthday today,& I am Canadian;years ago fox_avenger and me declared that July 4th is 'Gackt Day'.I celebrated by sending a txt to people,wearing my Gackt t-shirt,& drinking a bubblegum Jone's Soda...as I dont like vanilla Coca-Cola.If I were in America I definatly would be "celebrating" Independance Day...by watching fireworks & most likely getting tanked for the 1st time since April...

I made a mini!flowerbed today in the heat in-order to plant 6 four-o-clocks.I had to take the sod/grass up and then lug a bucket of soil across the whole yard.I planted them by our spare!well & maybe will put some bulbs there in the Autumn.

I put $160 on my prepaid MasterCard today since my $60 GST came.I will buy my $218USD[*bah*] ferry ticket when that goes through.I may also buy my return Amtrak ticket then too as to give me more monitary security.I recieved a Goverment letter this morning which I thought it was my birth certificate,but it was just a income tax confirmation...

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It is like Rock,Paper,Scissor?

Tremere beats Tzimisce & Brujah beats all? I BEAT MERCURIO, THAT WEASEL! I didnt find him very hard at all now that I had Wilhim with me. I go now to fight the Golem![which I may put-off till later] Death is Truth? [I thought; "In quiet, you will know beauty, in beauty you will know truth, in truth you will know love, in love, you will know quiet."...] Seem to be all I have been dealing with thus far...