June 30th, 2008

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GardenxAunt KatexCanada Day

I finally got my zinnia-babies resituated~ They really needed it as some were over-crowding others. I hope they will all grow well now :3 Zinnia are my favourite flowers; eventhough they have no smell. I planted 7 different kinds this year! I took me almost 3 hours, which I listened to 4 chapters of "The Vampire Lestat" with aswell. I want to be refreshed with the characters('specially that wank Lestat), so I can be in full game for Armie this Summer. I hope the part where Nicki is Embraced doesnt make me cry this time around...how I love the lovely violinist...I AM SOOO EXCITED!~*flails*I cant wait to chill with my twin!sister :D I called Armadei's aunt Kate tonight. She is verily full of win~I should be alright staying with her in Portland. I am excited about seeing Max&Aurora too!She likes "Doctor Who"(though she has mostly seen the Tenth Doctor)"Star Trek",&"CSI" so we should be s'lright together. I am looking forward to this Summer. *Rarrr!*

Tomaro is CANADA DAY~!♥ I heart fireworks!~