June 29th, 2008


Midnight & Will-o-whisp

Today was lovely. I had a lot of fun with Matthew & Brendan(sp? Nickname: 'Short-Kid'). We missed the last bus home [though I am almost certain there is a 7pm bus on Saturdays; atleast there used to be] so we paniced until Matthew got up-the-courage to call his step-father and luckily him & his brother were in the area so they drove over to pick us up. I sat in the back seat of the van between Josie & Cole-a 5 year-old girl & a 2 year-old boy-, and Matthew & Brendan sat on the floor of the trunk...I offered my seat but they insisted ^^; I rather thought it would be fun...So we stopped at the Kingston Fitness Park as the kids wanted to eat supper there. Me and my chums went into the trails to explore. The park has obsticals at different areas throughout it. We playep on the climbing-wall, wobbly!bridge, and the "tire maze". I joked that it was like Brimhaven(RuneScape agility area), or the Gnome course. Me & Brendan raced at the tires(really not a maze D: just tires laying on the ground), and I won :3 [tbc]
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It is almost 6am aod yet I am still awake. It is getting light outside...I was originally watching "Back To The Future" 2&3, but now I am just awake and everything hurts inside for some fucking reason. I havent had a panic attack in weeks & now I do >_< Oh well; Minn-tiddles is here with me and making me sleepy so whatever :-P
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