June 28th, 2008


GO!xWaya-babyxPurple Waffle Plant

So I sent my application off to the Service Nova Scotia's Vital Statistics Department tonight~ It cost me $34.85 though ;_; I had to use Charles' office computer though, as the library's wasnt letting me pay with my MasterCard for a odd reason. I have my card#&such memorized now!~ So I am very proud of myself ;3

I need to decide by 1pm if I should do a public Waya photoshoot~So far I gotten a 'go for it' from hisensei808 :-P Anyone else agree?

I bought the portaculas I wanted today...AND C.J. Nob's had a 2for1 sale on plants so I ended-up borrowing $8 from June to buy a GORGEOUS purple waffle plant (dark purple-almost black-leaves that look like they were made with a waffle iron & tiny white flowers), a impatian x hybred, and June a tray of portacula to put in her wheelbarrel!planter. I think the purple waffle plant may be a perennial...I hope it is...I wish I could send pieces of my bleeding heart in the mail, as I would offer them since it wont stop spreading D:

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Yep on mah way to Greenwood. Do not expect Waya pictures from today as I am not feeling perky enough for it, and I didnt get a-hold-of Matthew to ask him. I stayed-up till 4am-ish watching special features for "The Man With The Golden Gun"...Im a wank. So yeah D:
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