June 26th, 2008


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Well I have failed at using-up my container of sour-cream today. It expired today, and I hate wasting food (I compost like whoa). Im usually alright to eat something to midnight, before tossing it...

I weed a damn lot, and planted some new plants I got today. I got more gin/whiskey begonia (they look like 'gin' begonia, but are called 'whiskey'. I needed to replace the one I stepped-on & killed)-speaking of begonia; my faux rose one bloomed hot pink instead of yellow :-(-, some impatians (which seem different somehow than the ones I had in the past), some Saratoga nicotiana (which I tried to grow from seed but it failed), 3 four-o-clocks, and some marigolds (which I associate with memory...yet another thing I blame on synesthesia...). I LOVE my garden! Once I get the weeding done[and resituate my Zinnia elegans], I will take pictures!

Well I need to call my great aunt Hilda tomorrow to find-out my `father's` middle-name, birthday & birthplace...yeah I managed to get 'Durling' for last-name though?x_x

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I woke-up this morning and felt like I was going to vomit. I felt all shakey, and felt so sick to my stomach I didnt want to move. I had a odd watered-down-tin-ey taste in my mouth--like when you drink from a enameled cup that is losing its lining. I manged to take 2 graval(sp?), and am now going back to sleep. This puts me behind in my gardening. I hope I wake-up before it rains, so I can atleast tend my zinnia babies. I decided yesterday that I could not play a Gangrel. Earthmelding would be too messy. I may have to/should wear my arm-braces today, as I strained my arm weeding :-(

I may have to wait till tomorrow to apply, as my aunt might not be home 'till then. Also to reply to Armie; July 21th's week looks alright/better for visiting, I think, though I dont have a calender handy right now.