June 25th, 2008


Afternoon Nap~xCancelationxPlans?

Before I doze-off-which I am close to doing, and thus will allow myself to do-I decided to post that I have canceled & got my refunds for the PortCon trip. I am holding-on-to the money though, as I am still planning-on going to America this Summer. I am sending my online!application off tomorrow[need to ask what my father's name and birthplace is/was--yes I dont know if he is even alive...]. That will take about 10 business days to get processed. Then I can cross the border. I am still depressed over my original certificate `disapearing. Also about no PortCon2008. Talking to Armadei last night helped a whole lot though. So now the tentative plan is around July 17th, I will take the ferry to Portland, then stay the night with either Armadei's relatives or in a motel/hotel, then take the Amtrak(sp?) to Boston. Now depending on where Armie is, I would then either go to upstate New York or to New Hampshire. I still have the money (minus $34 as I bought groceries today, since I am not leaving in a week now) :3