June 19th, 2008



I made the rest of the cards today so I will drop them off at Endless Shores on my way to Dr.Sloma's office tomorrow. I also need to see my seamstress in the morning to get my Shun pants hemmed & a clasp on another pair fixed(if it was a button Id be alright. I can sew easy things like seams, but not much else...). Back to the cards though; I made 2 lupins, a boat, a kinda ugly moth butterfly, and a strawberry. I love the purple lupin card! If you dont know; purple is my favourite colour. I didnt have any patterns, I kinda just made-things-up as I went along. I like the results from when I do that the best. As I was told in college; I am a organic artist. My stuff is never perfect and thus has more life to it :-P

The wig that was for Leorio failed. I checked, and there is a costume shop up-the-line,so I will try to call tomorrow to inquire about a wig.

Im Craving California rolls like whoa! I wish I didnt live so rurally...I cant even make my own sushi as no place near-by has nori...

female Protagonist

Various pictures that I can post today :D



Pictures from my first Andromeda Shun photo-shoot are HERE [must explain that the picture without a top is based on a scene from the anime, but that I sadly made it flirtier than it should be. I am also fat with 'junk in mah trunk' >.>]

The pictures of 'Gangsta'!Waya in my Leorio suit are HERE [and button-up shirts make my neck disappear...]

Pictures from my bike ride a few days ago are HERE [and various out-and-about that day pictures too]. Cemetary ones are HERE.

Goldfish Fountain/Pond at the Greenwood Mall are HERE~ *♫fishy, fish, fish~♪*


The LJ 'Publish to web' thing didn't work for some, so I will fix later