June 17th, 2008

female Protagonist


I didnt go to the Farmers' Market today as it rained. I am doing a yard sale Friday, and I plan to sell at Mary's again Sunday...not selling Saturday as it is my Birthday~! I find it hard to believe that I am already going to be 20 O_o; Damn. I took about $10 from my saved money to buy a bike lock yesterday. I feel bad, but I was glad I went to get one, as I didnt miss RIDE THE LOBSTER and got to park my bike in the town hall's bike rack. I think Friday night I will try to go and use the library computer.I want to upload my Shun(I am fat.) pictures&others. I neeeed[insert Creed impersonation] RuneScape aswell...I miss Potatos and Waffles! *cries*

Juney-baby made cookies today :3 I love her baking! I was planning-on bringing one of her banana breads with me next month, but now Im not as I forgot about Customs...

I am trying to study for my test tomorrow,but I feel so tired :-( I NEED to pass this test though! I need my license as photo-id...I hate that I just cant renew my license sans-test writting.

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