June 14th, 2008

Vanilla Gackt (ZOMG sexzay!)

*uses Presence*

Well besides from it being quite windy, it is a nice day. I have decided to channel my Lestat!muse today for the yard sale. By that I mean that I am being very charming, clear spoken and seemingly lively & "I am gorgeous". It must work as I made $12 in less than a hour from 2 people. I need to practice anyway for July--though Im not being cocky today!

I watched the 1st episode of "Strawberry Panic!" last night. I want to finish the series, but the last time I tried I found the characters to be cliche D: I do like Etoile(I cant remember her actual name...), & I forgot about the green-haired!glasses!purple-eyed girl though. I love St.Lilim's uniforms too. I tried to watch it last Summer, but found it boring. [Etoile = (seme + one of my types) :3] YJ is still win! I want to show Armie the clown character that is kind of like Hisoka in looks & personality when in his stage!presence(when not acting I really like him). Perriot Bolneze~ Kawachi is still love<3 I also watched some YNSH("The Wallflower") last night~

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Made $17 even today in 3hours~ and Im selling stuff again tomorrow :-P

I got freaked-out by a tick I saw crawling. It was as big as a dime!!! Ive never seen one that big sans-feeding...I do not like the thought of that digging a hole under my skin, feeding & laying eggs there...x_x; I need to check myself again...

Im going to try to watch more "Strawberry Panic!" and drink some tea now ;3 [and Minnow is being clingy for some reason ^^;]

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