June 13th, 2008



I felt I needed to post this, because I am so thankful.

I have been weeding and when I am in the garden I reflect and think about things. Well my thoughs went to the last night I spent 'with' Matt. Well eventhough I tried to drive it from my mind and think of something else, I still felt everything start to constrict. Then David Bowie's "Dead Man Walking" started playing on Nicki (my MP3 player). The line "Im older than movies...Im wiser than dreams" made me remember part of Armadei's & mine Crack. The time when we said that the reason Lestat sold so many albums was because he bought most of them himself with his "coin of the realm". I started chuckling and a panic attack was avoided.

I am so happy that I have people to count-on even when they are not nearby. That I am not alone. I think I may be loved.

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Bike Ridex*click click*xYard Sale

I went on a long bike ride today. I originally was going to go watch the Bridgetown leg of RIDE THE LOBSTER, but missed it. I had taken my camera, so I took so me pics from Jubilee Park, BRES, and 2 cemetaries. I left at 5:30 and got back at 7:40~ I will upload the pics when I can [and the police didnt kick me out of either cemetary ;-)]! I visited Audrey too, and bummed some orange juice from her. I got the new library Internet times, so I can hopefully save money and be online more. I want to rent Highlander from R&R Video! I like Duncan a lot more than Colin though...

We are having a yard sale tomorrow!~ I need $80 to make it to New England now! I hope I get some money for mah burthdai ;3 and a new bike lock now.

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