June 11th, 2008



I say "punching beavers in the face" is a analogy to fisting.

Really though I-being a hockey fan-have been following this story. It has gone into mediation by lawyer Gord Kirke. CBC thinks that keeping the theme needs one last try. The renewal went through and a contest for Canadians to write a new theme was put-up-on the Hockey Night in Canada website. Due to fan reaction, Copyright Music & Visuals [representing Dolores Claman--the composer] and the Canadian Broadcasting Corperation have turned to mediation. The CBC is still dealing with a lawsuit because the theme was sold as a ringtone (they originally only paid $500 per game the song was played with).

So please Cobert dont use our hockey song in your televised sexual enactments :-P privet is alright though~yes I stayed-up past the news tonight, and hey tis Canadian items!

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This is for refence

Rosa Passos, New Power Trio, Taraf de Haidouks, Glenn Gould. "like the Aha! moment I relized life is too short to break-up with your friends. Or the Aha! moment when I realized I should eat more cheese."__Nora Ephron [a quote that almost made me cry]
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Test Results

I have quite low Iron. I am to take iron pills again & to eat lots of dark green vegitables. My blood-pressure is still very low :-( and I need more excercise.
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