June 10th, 2008

female Protagonist

HERE while I am using a actual compüter!!!!

I'm on the Endless Shores Bookstore for 1 hour @ $2.

Here are the pictures from my wonderful Waya photoshoot.

Here are the pictures of my mini Leorio trial.

Once again Happy Birthday Kun [projecturzu2] , here is a better copy of the sketch I coloured for j00~

Congradulations again hisensei808on level 99 Mage!!!!!!~~~~ *hearts*

Lastly I miss typing with my hands and not just my thumbs ;__; *mock cries*

I now am adding a few more user-pictures and then need to bike home to get ready for the Farmers' Market!
Kio -*wink*-

Farmers' MarketxTotalxCute

Well I made about $10 today. I am also going to start selling cards in the bookstore for $4(Endless Shores takes $1 from every $5). So that was that for today~

I am apparently adorable though, as I was given $2 because their was nothing the lady wanted to buy, but I was just so cute. Now to procure Leorio pants tomorrow from the Salvation Army, and make more paper-quilling items...Coffee + bolony = heartburn

female Protagonist

I Am A IdiotxYakitate!! JapanxRide The Lobster

I am a idiot. I was in a hurry and didnt put sunscreen on--eventhough I considered it. I now have a sunburn. My right arm got the worst of it. My right knee has this round burn on it; like a 3inch circle o_o; It is my own fault.

I watched like 5 episodes of YJ last night...I meant to only watch 1. I love that anime!~ I have 31 episodes left ;_; I planned-on cosplaying Azuma next year, but I think Kanmuri would be easier to get the outfit for...though I would need a pink wig...Though Azuma does have other outfits besides the purple Pantasia one. Armadei, please bring Yakitate!! Japan ;3 Man, I rewatched the episode where we find-out about Meister Kirasaki's scoring-system. "Crow; caw, caw"! I love this anime! Kawachi is Kansai-ben love♥~

There is a unicycle race/marathon going though Nova Scotia soon! It is called "Ride the Lobster"! I think that is a damn awesome name! I think Im going to miss the stage that goes through Bridgetown however. I think the whole idea is great fun! Wooo~!