June 9th, 2008

female Protagonist

YOROREIHIxQuillingxManeki City

I joked with Arm-Arm about yodeling for The Masquerade. Well I probabley would if asked. Im tempted to make a voice-post of my terrible Leorio yodeling with winged lyrics sometime. The only other idea I semi-have is me & Kelsey go to mock!fight and Kun & Armadei run-by yelling & fighting-over the Coco-Ball-Kuns...I am not good at this either...

I made 2 cards today before getting side-tracked. I have the pieces cut&measured for the rest, but I think I will just make 1or2 more hummingbird cards & then just make flower ones. I want to finish early tomorrow so I can study again. I dont know if I'll get to write this week now though. Dr.Yafai wants to see me about my test-results. I can only write 1-4pm Wednesdays. My Dr.Sloma appointment is at 11:50am,&my other appointment is at 2pm. Valley Chiropractic is near the Dept'ofMotorVehicles but not to the doctor's.

I got-sidetracked by cleaning mah Desktop & watching anime. I watched some Nuku Nuku,DNAngel,Yakitate!![<3] Japan,KKJ,&Witch Hunter Robin[:-P]