June 6th, 2008



I did a Waya photoshoot today. I decided to save money & not buy a camo shirt and just go with the oufit from the "Spring Up to Spring"(did I get that right?) picture from the Hikaru no Go artbook. I know the top I have is kinda too light...I sent 16 of the pictures to my Isumi, I love how they came-out & Im sad I cant post them for awhile.

Im going to Greenwood again tomaro~ Im picking-up the MP3 player I laid-away. I shall look for Leorio pants[&tie];if Frenchy's is open/still in the mall. I DID buy a jacket today~I sent photos to Kun&Armie to see if it is okay. I need size36 pants for it. I think I'll use the white dress-shirt I have for Kio instead of the bleu one I used today. I need feedback babes! Also do you have a cell Kelsey? Since you are das Kurapika & my possible seeing-eye Kelsey :-P

I reread vol3 of Loveless today. I forgot how I love chapter 10~ Yes dear Kio you are a cow >_> & you lied in the vol8 special in regards to not liking those kinds of jokes. Is nabe all Kio can cook? Moo~!


Quick note to Armadei;

If you call me today, please dont call me before 4pm my time, as I will be on a outting ^^; *huggle* Im still avalible by txt & such, I just dont want to kill my battery when Im somewhat far from home. Im also afraid Id get some funny looks by having on of our Conversations in public, considering how much I flail about with them.
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The Chronicle Herald had a article in it this morning which almost made me vomit. Those teens are worst than bastards. I think Im traumatized...
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BusxPaper-QuillingxMP3 Player

Im on my way back from Greenwood. I once again spent more than I planned-on. I did get the new MP3 player. I think I shall keep Jan-Ken for audiobooks, since I doubt it could be sold. Anyone want to buy it? I want to ask for 1/2 the original price but that is $70 :C The new one needs a name. I also got bags & a new exact-o knife, and fancy blank cards to stick the quilled items to. I got my mom a birthday present(as unhappy as I am with her. She is now saying that the reason I was/am depressed is because I had a miscarriage! Seriously if I didnt require her support payments, I would drop her). I got a necktie for Leorio, with no idea how to tie it...Armadeeii!~ I just need Leorio pants now, to wash/redye my Kio wig & locate my Shun shirt and I am dooone! I need to make atleast $300 in less than a month, without whoring or anything illegal...I just want money for my birthday now. Also DDR is hard in sandals...and I want a screwdriver, damn it!
Kio -innocent-


Well I did do some whoring. I whored-out my Sears' Card. Wendy gave me $105CAD and I am putting the sneakers she had the money for on my card...$12 a month on the card sounds ok. So now I need to make $250 more...I also got into it again when I got back with my mom. She is going to give me $300 if she can...I wont hold my breath, but Im not in a "I am numb" state with it.
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