May 26th, 2008


Back to the Past-Futurenessyness!

I like Bloodlines!Mercurio better than Redemption!Mercurio...thou arst a weasely coward! Yarg! Sure ye lure of reclaimed mortality doust tempt my unbeating heart, yet Wilhim hast proven he ist a fellow warrior even in our shared damnation[though I art thy more valient warrior!]! Rawr!I also mistook the skull as the Noddist fragment, and tried to escape with it...then I rethought what Wilhim & Cappadocian-guy said/wrote. I wish Wilhim wasnt in Torpor D,:

Marsha is visiting in the morning. I hope I dont in turn have a panic-attack. It isnt her fault that I have them. Atleast I have been able to keep from puking with them lately. I hate this depression shit and the emotional trauma.

Dr.Solma appointment tomorrow! I shall get adjusted again! No more being stiff & pain (for a month-ish...)*dances*<3 Then all I have to get is the bloodwork & other tests to see what is going-on with my weakness and spells and odd pains. I hope Dr.Solma is nice like Dr.Martin! I also hope she talks to me too...