May 25th, 2008


Brewhah? Brewjah?

I know. Im a horridly immoral lad. First my Toreador, and now Christof. Giza is still a ass. I also enjoyed the "the she-cow's virtue burns, akin to the Sun" quote. I extremly dislike my Sire which is another thing in common between Christof & Zinnian ^^;

Damn! That Tzimisce was expected but damn ugly. Like she has fleshcrafted herself but she could have in the least fixed her one droopy-eye & her uneven kneecaps >_< My mental image of Tzimisce [ones that have fleashcrafted themselves] are of `alien` yet elegant beauty. She was just disgusting D: (she reminded me somewhat of Agnus Moorehead's "Bewitched" character...). He throne was nice though!

Cappadocians are too strong! I have always liked them more than the Giovanni, but them here remind me of Guthix druids-with the sicles-gone wrong. I cant get me and Wilhim pass them all. Either running or fighting. Torpor sucks. Any suggestions on what to do?

I want that sexy battle axe at the Blacksmith's shop!

Kio -think-


Today is a "Matt Pain" day...When I feel the grief,shock,&the pain of not having him in my life anymore, for a reason I do not know. All I know is that I went from inseperable, to just the bitch who wouldnt stop talking to him. I dont know why!!! It still fucking hurts though.

I am able to get the Skull of Lamia(or was it Lambia?) now but cant exit the study because of getting mobbed. I also just have me as Wilhim went into Torpor right at the 2nd room. I did take all his blood though & gave him the armour I found. I started using my favorite Discipline-Celerity-though and find singling-out enemies is a good tactic(actually I like Auspex too). I love when the Skeletons' heads come-off. The Cappadocians actually run when they are low on health!

I [re]planted my begonia today & some pansies Juney gave me from her garden. Everyone I get them from seems to cosider them weeds...I hope my Dominion plant/seed order comes soon(I hope before the 7th, as it is June's birthday & I ordered her something...)!