May 21st, 2008

female Protagonist

No more RAZR for modem

Telus called me today. They noticed I had a massive ammount of Data being sent & recieved by my phone. The arent charging me this time since I wasnt informed the first time I use the phone as a modem and thus didnt know that that high of data is separatly billed and thus the customer agents figured I was talking about my built-in browser thus told me I wasnt being charged for it. MotoPhoneTools has tempted many people with using their phone as such. So unless I want to pay $60 a month, not to use it as a modem again.

So I am back to using my thumbs and no lovely RuneScape.

Atleast you have Skype Armie! And for everyone else my # is 902-840-3774

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